How to use Google Drive to Sign In, Sign Out, Upload, Edit, Store & Share Files


How to access Google Drives 

You can directly sign in to on your computer.

Steps to use Google Drive

Step 1 - Sign in to on your PC

If you are already signed in a Google Account you will be automatically logged in to your Google Drive Account. If are not signed in to Google Account, it will ask to sign in through your existing Google Accounts. Please note, In case you haven’t signed up for Google Account, you will have to first sign up and then log in to Google Drive.

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Once you sign in to your Google Drive Account, You’ll see "My Drive," containing:
  • Files and folders you upload or sync
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms you create

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If you want to back up and sync files from Mac or PC you can try it here

Step 2 - Upload, Edit, Create and Store a variety of files

You can transfer files from your PC or make new documents in Google. Explained in detail with steps below.

1. Upload your documents and folders to Google Drive

You can transfer, view, share, and alter records with Google Drive. 

Types of records 

  1. Reports 
  2. Pictures 
  3. Sound 
  4. Video 

Upload and view records 

On your PC, you can transfer from or your desktop. You can transfer records into private or shared organizers. 

Drag records into Google Drive 

  1. On your PC, go to 
  2. Open or make a folder. 
  3. To transfer records and organizers, drag them into the Google Drive folder. 

Install the Google Drive application for your Mac/PC 

Download and install the Google Drive application on your PC. 

On your PC, you'll see an drive logo called "Google Drive." 

Drag records or organizers into that folder. They will transfer to Drive and get stored on 

How drive store the same name of uploaded documents

By default, when you upload a file with the same name already saved in the Drive, Google uploads, and stores the file as a revision of the file already in the Google Drive.

In case, you want to save both files, while uploading a file click "Keep as a separate file."

2. Work with Microsoft Office Files

How to convert word documents into Google Formats 

One of the best features of Google Drive is the automatic conversion of Word documents into Google formats. To enable it, just check the box "Convert Uploads" in Google Drive settings from the computer. 

Note - This setting can be changed from the computer only by visiting

3. Create a new or edit, and format Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Documents

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Step 3 - Share and Manage Your Files 

With Google drive it is easy to share files or folders, you can give access to others also to view, edit, or comment on them.

  1. How to share files from Google Drive
  2. How to share folders from Google Drive
  3. How to make someone else the owner of a document

At "Shared with me" section You can check files that others have shared with you.