How to sign in and edit files in Google docs, sheets, and slides


A comprehensive and detailed tutorial on Google docs sign in, Google excel, Google Powerpoint, for editing and storing files online on Google drive

All you need to know about Google Docs 

google docs sign in

What is Google Docs 

Once you sign in Google Docs, you can see a word sheet provided in Google Drive. It is an online word processing tool where you can write, edit and save any word document in Microsoft word format or default Google docs format. 

Special Features of Google Docs 

Voice Type 

Stop typing and start talking. yes in Google Docs, from the top of an open document, go to the Tools > Voice Typing. Please note voice typing is available only in the chrome browser.

Clear Formatting 

Right-click the highlighted text and choose Clear formatting

  • Go to Format > Clear formatting
  • Click Normal text from the pull-down menu below the Format and Tools menu option.

Tag anyone in a comment 

Just to get attention of someone, use @ or + sign and choose the person you want to tag. He/she will be notified via an email.

Use Docs in Offline Mode and sync online

With disconnected mode turned on, you'll have the capacity to see and alter your Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings when you are disengaged and the records will synchronize whenever you interface with the Internet.

From the main screen of Google Drive

  • Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner and click Settings.
  • Check the box in the Offline section for "Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline."

Start your research with right-click

Right-click on a word and choose Research to do a quick Google search in the right-panel. Any links you click will open in a new tab, but you can drag images from the search results from the right panel directly into your document.\

Revision History

To return to an old version of your Google Doc, you go to File > See revision history. From the right panel, you'll see a chronological list of time-stamped versions of your document. Choose one and click Restore this revision to open it.

How to Sign in and create or edit files in Google Docs 

Google Docs - comes with the tag "create and edit documents online, for free." It can be signed in once you sign in Google drive

Steps are as follow 

Step 1 - Log in a NEW and locate blue icon on left top corner.

Crete or Edit Files in Docs 

Step 2 - Click on NEW icon

Step 3 - Select Google Docs > Blank document if you want to start fresh or Google Docs > From a template if you want to use customized document as per your need.

 google docs blank document

google docs template

How to sign into Sheets and Slides and create and edit files 

Follow the above 3 steps but this time in step 3 choose 

Select Google Sheets  >  Blank Spreadsheet or From a template, if you want to create sheets 

blank spreadsheet

Select Google Slides > Blank presentation or from a template, if you want to create presentations.

blank presentation

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